Fitting Pants Patterns


Fitting Pants Patterns


Have a pants pattern that you would like help getting a good fit before you sew? This is a good session for you. To purchase the correct size pattern measure the fullest part of your hips, usually about 7-9” from your waist (waist is usually about 1” above your bellybutton). Sew up a muslin of the pants pattern with 1” seam allowances on all seams, instead of the normal seam allowance. This will allow us to adjust the pattern if needed with the extra fabric. No need to put in a zipper.

Gail will adjust the muslin so you are on the way to a great looking pair of pants. Any adjustments will be added to the original pattern tissue.

If you are having doubts on pattern sizing, or are outside the pattern sizes, please email for a private session so we can help you select and grade the pattern. Then you can cut out and sew the muslin for this class.

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Your machine, pattern, sewing ‘tools’ and additional fabric if a new muslin needs to be cut and sewn. We do have muslin available for sale at the Studio.

Please email with any questions.