Spring Coat


Spring Coat


This is a personal pattern that I will size for you. I use the coat after the gym to run into a store without having to go home and change out of leggings. I wear another as a topper over a skirt for meetings. Has some swing to it, which you can add to, or reduce as a design detail. Has front panel pockets, and an antistatic lining to ride easily over your clothes. I love these. The color options are endless and fun. You could make one out of a heavier denim, maybe a colored denim, or a satin finish for an evening look.

Skill level: Best if you have made a garment before, and you should have basic machine skills. If you are a beginner and want to try this, come on in, but realise you may need to have additional paid sessions to finish. But once you have made one, you can make more.

If this class is sold out and you would like to take the class, please email us at studio@sewinghive.com and we will see if there is enough interest for additional classes.

March 19, and March 26, from 1pm-5pm

Level: Intermediate and above.  

Two 4 hour Sessions

Instructor: Gail Kelley

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If the fabric is 60” wide, then you will need 2.5 yard for a size 8 or 10. If the fabric is 45” wide then you will need 3 yards for a size 8 or 10. Lining requires 2yds. If a heavier denim or brocade, you may not wish to have a lining, but remember a lining will allow the garment to slide over your clothes. Thread to match outer material.

If you wear a RTW size 12 or above, please email us: studio@sewinghive.com to meet before the class to resize the pattern for you, so you can bring the correct yardage.

As always, bring your sewing tools, and your machine. Machine rentals are available for $10 per session.

You must prewash your fabric before class to avoid shrinkage after the garment is sewn.