Sewing Knits: You And Your Machine

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20190119_151606 (1).jpg

Sewing Knits: You And Your Machine


Instructor Carol Zamonski shows you techniques needed to sew with knits such as needle and stitch selection, fabric choices for various projects, and stretch percentage information for sewing with patterns that require fabric with a specific % stretch.  Learn how to measure this % stretch. Discussion of other knit techniques such as supporting lightweight fabrics for greater success with machine sewing, etc.  Students complete a quick DIY stretch knit skirt with optional 2” elastic waistband.  No pattern needed. Skirt can be made with new fabric or from a t-shirt. Upcycle your t-shirt into a stylish skirt!
Make a quick DIY skirt from ½ yard of 58” fabric or a t-shirt.

Skill Level:  You & Your Machine 101:  Introduction or students should know how to thread their machine, fill and replace the bobbin and sew a seam.

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Bring to Class:

  • Your machine, or you can rent one of ours.

  • Machine Presser Foot that can accommodate a zig zag stitch (if using our machine we’ll provide the presser feet);

  • ½ yard (18”) of 45” or 58” knit fabric that stretches both horizontally and vertically.  Can also use a t-shirt big enough to fit around your hips with an inch to spare. If hip circumference is greater than 43”, use 58” wide fabric.  If you are very tall, measure from your waist to the length you want for the skirt and add 2 inches. Buy that much fabric;

  • 2” Waistband Elastic to go around your waist (optional);

  • Thread to sew your fabric.  You know if the color match matters to you.  Any all purpose sewing thread will do. It’s just an exercise;  

  • Everyday scissors for clipping threads;

  • Pins.