Learning the Techniques of Ready to Wear

Easy Hidden buttonhole placket from Ready To Wear

Easy Hidden buttonhole placket from Ready To Wear

My Mom was a great consignment store shopper, although 50 years ago they were called second hand stores. She taught me how to look for well constructed garments by looking at the inside of the garment to see how they were made, not just trying it on. I still do that today.

Last weekend, I was in one of my favorite stores for well made clothing and trends. They were having their half-yearly-sale…hint. I eyed a beautiful silk blouse. Original cost $528, on sale for $350….such a bargain. But it was from a clothing designer I like, had a lovely design and print, so I had to try it on. Lucky for me, it was too large. I was intrigued by the hidden button front placket, since I had just had a miserable experience with a commercial pattern’s handling of a hidden placket.

This one was elegant. It was cleaner, simpler, used less fabric. The general idea is that the strip of the placket with the buttonholes is constructed as a separate strip, then added to the shirt front. You will need to see to appreciate it’s genius.

Come see us on a Thursday when the shop is open: 10-5pm, or Tuesday nights from 5-8pm. I made a sample up and once you see it…..that will be how we make hidden button plackets.

Happy Sewing